How long will TopScore last before it needs a battery change?

Depending on the quality of the batteries and the amount of play, 2-AA batteries should keep TopScore running anywhere from 1 to 2 years.  However, we recommend that you replace the batteries every 12 months to prevent possible corrosion.

What happens if TopScore takes a hard hit from a tennis ball?

TopScore will withstand any standard shot of a tennis ball, as there is no glass to shatter or plastic to will not, however, withstand an angry tennis player armed with a racket and blaming TopScore for their errant shot...

How long can I expect TopScore to last?

TopScore is designed to last as long as it is maintained properly as recommended.   TopScore comes with a 1-year warranty, however, our team will gladly help with any problems that occur with your board beyond the warranty period.

How is TopScore's visibility in both the sun and indoor courts?

TopScore visbility is simply better than all current score keeping devices - inside and outside. 

We have the manual scoring devices at our tennis facility - Why do I need TopScore?

TopScore will improve the tennis experience for all of your players, as well as improve the image of your tennis facility.   

What is the price of TopScore?

TopScore retails for $899.00.    .