TopScore™  uses highly readable E-paper technology (controlled by Topspin Sport’s proprietary circuitry) .  Power is supplied by 2-AA batteries.   The estimated life of the batteries can be anywhere from 6 months – 2 years , depending on the quality of batteries used and/or daily usage of the board.    The front and back panels of TopScore™ are an anti-glare outdoor grade polycarbonate material.   The outer shell of TopScore™ is aluminum powder coated with the highest grade material available, which will hold up under normal weather conditions without fading or rusting.  

TopScore™ is designed for use on both indoor and outdoor courts, performing well in both lighting conditions.     Though continuous   strikes of a tennis ball would not be considered “normal use” and is not recommended for any piece of electronic equipment,  TopScore™  will withstand the impact of a hard hit tennis ball.....

Updated 1/3/18

Product Description
TopScore™ is the world’s first and only digital, 2-sided, net-mounted, self-scoring tennis scoreboard.   Each board comes with a net post bracket (round or square depending on the customer’s requested size & specs) and post, as well as a cover.   TopScore™ requires two double AA batteries, which are included in the purchase and shipping of TopScore™   We also gladly logo your board at no additional cost.

Product Features
TopScore™ features include up/down arrows for sets/games, reset button, changeover button, home /visitor function and features rounded  top corners for safety.

TopScore™ comes in three exciting colors – 1.) Wimbledon White panels with dark green text, Classic Green panels with white text and US Open Blue panels with white text.   The TopScore™ cover comes in white with dark green text. 

Misc Items
A security cable/lock is available for purchase for $25.00. 

TopScore™  Dimensions/Weight
Dimensions - 17” wide x 12” tall x 1 ¼” thick
Weight   - 5lbs, 6 oz 

Net Post brackets – ROUND
3” posts, 3 ½ “posts , 4” posts 

Net Post brackets – SQUARE
3” posts, 3 1/2"  posts, 4" posts

Net Post brackets – CUSTOM
Requests for a bracket size other than the sizes listed above may cost extra.


Weather and Maintenance
TopScore™ is recommended for use in normal tennis weather conditions, between 5© (41 degrees)  and 50© (120 degrees).   If weather exceeds or falls below the normal recommended weather variance,  TopScore™  should be taken off court and replaced when weather is back to recommended conditions..... 
TopScore™ comes with a high quality white cover which should be used when TopScore™ is not in use, especially at night.    The cover is not designed to completely protect TopScore™  from heavy  rain or  other extreme weather conditions, so removing TopScore™ from the court  during rain storms or excessive heat/cold is highly recommended. 

The TopScore bracket, post and set screw should be inspected & possibly tightened every couple of weeks to insure a snug fit.​

Pricing 2018
TopScore is $999 with a $300 discount on the 4th board purchased.

Shipping and sales tax

TopScore™ will be shipped to customers via Fed Ex ground from Orange County, CA.   Cost of shipping a flat rate of $20.00 per board.    Purchases of TopScore™  will be subject to state sales tax, where applicable.