Sorry for the delay in the update, but a lot has beens going on....I have leased an office and extra space for the inventorying, assembly and shipping of TopScore V2 - as my previous space was a victim of Covid and had shut down - so very grateful to find a great space to inventory, build and efficiently ship TopScore to our customers.

The polycarbonate panels have arrived - which is great.   And the balance of the EPDs (the heart/technology of TopScore V2) will arrive before the end of the month.     

Next week I will be meeting with our exciting (domestic!) new vendor partner, Steven's Label, who will be putting all of these materials (EPDs, polycarb panels, membrane switches, graphics skins) of TopScore together - (kind of like putting the tennis version of Humpty Dumpty together, lol) - and in all transparency, I do not know how long the process of "construction" will take until we have the meeting.  Hoping just a few weeks.

Additionally, last week also met with our PCB (Printed Circuit Board) partner - EP Boards, and they will be creating a dozen or so of our newly programmed circuit boards for us to test on the first few boards.  This had been delayed because so many of our components were out on a container somewhere on the ocean, ugh....

Now, all of this said - I know there are many of you high school and colleges eagerly waiting for TopScore as your tennis season will be upon us in Feb.   I PROMISE you this is on my mind as I discuss timetables with my vendors and will do everything in my power to get boards to you asap.

Please keep in touch with me on your needs, your schedules, etc....and let's work together to get TopScore v2 on your courts as soon as possible.

Best in Tennis - PK


Very excited to share with the Tennis Community that we have finalized the re-engineering of TopScore  - making sure it performs at the highest level in all tennis playing weather conditions......We are looking to have the new product in market and on courts before Labor Day.   There will be a short "beta test" to make sure any and all kinks have been worked out, but we are fully confident that TopScore will perform incredibly well - and ready to grace courts all over the world.    Stay tuned!!


Our 3 newly designed EPDs that will be tested for functionality in two weeks.  If the EPDs pass the test (which I am sure they will), I will order a large qty for our first V2 production.   Then we wait for our polycarbonate panels to arrive from overseas (Oct. 1st)  - and by then we should have our newly programmed Printed Circuit Boards (which act as the "brain" of TopScore) ready.    We then work with our local partner, Steven Label, to put "all the pieces together" - EPD, polycarb panel, membrane switches, PCB's, skins/silkscreen, etc.     This will give us the 3 working models to put on a few courts.   If all works as planned, we will be able to give our current/new customers more specific timelines as to when they will receive replacement panels and/or new boards .

We are getting there!!!  Stay tuned!   Thanks for your patience.   Best in Tennis, PK

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of TopScore 2024 launch.


We have received the prototype of our re-engineered EPD (Electronic Paper Display), which will improve the reliability of TopScore in all unique weather conditions as well as increase the life of the product.    The EDP looks amazing and is very robust, giving us absolute confidence that when put to the test, TopScore will be better than ever, performing great in all weather conditions.    The balance of the remaining prototype EDP's will be coming in the next few weeks - and once we have received them, they will be tested as stand alone parts.     We have ordered and arer waiting for the polycarbonate panels (the outside of the boards), which have been in short supply due to Covid - and once received we will begin the process of silk screening & laminating....followed by the installation of membrane switches (which makes the buttons work)...Although TopScore is Made in the USA, the timing of finished prototypes will be determined by the amount of time it takes to receive some parts which come from overseas.

We are moving in the right direction - and patience is a virtue that we all must possess!!   
Stay safe & check back here in a couple of weeks for more updates.

Best in Tennis - Paul Kincaid


Very excited to announce that our tests were 100% successful and we have placed an order for many EPD (Electronic Paper Displays) so we can begin production as soon as they arrive stateside.

Production involves the process of laminating the EPDs to the polycarb panels, as well as the assembly of the membrane switches (arrows, buttons) and the silk screening of the "skins"......

We then will assemble the boards "inners" with our newly programmed circuit boards and we have BLAST OFF!     I will be in touch with all current customers and those of you who are in the Q over the next few weeks to discuss post sizes, desired colors and confirmed quantities.   We are very excited to bring the Worlds First and Only Digital, 2-sided tennis scoreboard BACK to the courts!


Order placed today for new EPD panels, very exciting!  And these panels are an engineering marvel!  

The ETA is probably 4-6 weeks, which puts us a little behind the January production expectation - because once we receive the EPD's, we still have to align them/laminate them with the polycarbonate panels, membrane switches and outer skins.   I am not sure on the timetable of this process, but it is done just 40 miles up the freeway from me - so no waiting on containers on the water!!

For all of you that have been watching and waiting, the journey is almost over!  The World's First (and only) Digital, 2-sided, Net-Post Mounted Tennis Scoreboard is coming!!!   Can't wait to watch the first tennis match with TopScore V2 on court!   WATCH THIS SPACE!

Best in Tennis,



We are testing the new e-paper panels  THIS WEEK.   If all goes well, I will place a large order from our supplier sometime around the week of 10/17 - and those panels should arrive by Thanksgiving.  During this 4-week stage we will be using our new software program to produce the new circuit boards - which drive TopScore.  They should be ready at about the same time as the panels arrive.  It will be at this stage that we will take the new panels to our local business partner who will put the panels, the e-paper, the membrane switches, the "skins" together - in a very intricate lamination process.  One done we will have all the pieces to put together our first "new" boards........The goal is to be able to have some boards to ship out by Dec. 31.    Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.